Securitas ePay Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Securitas ePay Login:



Steps for making sure you access the correct Securitas ePay Login:

1. Upload the following link into your selected internet browser by either copy and paste or clicking the link as provided here:

2. Click the login button on the page to begin the process.

3. Enter your social security number in the field provided for the social security number on the pop-up screen.

4. Click the continue button located under the field provided for the social security number.

If this is your first time logging in since the creation of the account, follow these steps:

5. Enter your "default" password. (This default is your birth date in the format of two digit month, two digit day and two digit year).

6. Click the continue button.

7. When prompted, create your new password in the fields provided.

8. Click the continue button to proceed into your account.

If you have already set your password previously, follow these steps:

5. Enter your pin number in the field that is provided for the pin number.

6. Click the continue button to proceed into your account.




If you are having issues with getting logged in, read the following note:

NOTE: Since this system is created based on using your social security number as the username, any issues with logging in will be directed to the contact number that will be provided later in this article.



Here is the contact information we have for making sure you can resolve any issues with your Securitas ePay Login:

Customer Service

Phone: 1-866-604-3729


The Securitas ePay Login process only provides just one number for you to call in order to inquire about any other issues and concerns you may have with your account with them. Because of this, we really advise that you make sure to know your social security number at least so that you may be able to speak with a representative regarding any matter you may need to present to them. Also, we encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference as we keep it updated with any changes that may occur with this login process.